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6 Winter Safety Tips for Our Loved Ones

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 1 minute read

While the winter weather in Georgia may not be as intense as the snow and cold our Northern friends are experiencing, that we take the necessary precautions for our older loved ones. December 22nd, 2015 kicked off the first official day of winter, so it’s safe to say this very chilly weather is well underway. 

We want to make sure our loved ones are warm and kept out of harms way throughout the season. However if you are going to be traveling with your loved one this season, we encourage you to read these precautions! HealthinAging.org focused on the various accidents that can potentially occur and the best ways to present them.

Below are some scenarios that can potentially occur with a quick reminder of the precautions you can take.


1. Hypothermia - Precaution: Wearing two or three thinner layers of loose-fitting clothing is much warmer than a single layer of thick clothing.

2. Frostbite - Precaution: Cover up all parts of your body when you go outside. If your skin turns red or dark or starts hurting, go inside right away!

3. Injuries while shoveling snow - Precaution: None of our elderly loved ones should be shoveling snow!

4. Falls - Precaution: Wear boots with non-skid soles. Also, if you use a cane, replace the rubber tip before it is worn smooth.

5. Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

Precaution: Use and frequently check your smoke detectors!

6. Accidents while driving - Precaution: Have your car winterized before the bad weather hits. This means having the antifreeze, tires and windshield wipers checked and changed it needed! (If you MUST drive)

View list of additional precautions from HealthinAging.com: http://bit.ly/1bUhxvO


Overall, whether your loved one is living comfortably in a community or in their own home, it is important to bundle up during the winter months! Do not spend too much time out in the cold or snowy weather.


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