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7 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

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At Oaks Senior Living, we focus on preparing quality meals for our residents to not only enjoy, but also include the right nutrients and ingredients to promote healthy living. For a long time the food pyramid has given us a look at a balanced approach to the foods we should be consuming daily. Not everyone has the time to reread the pyramid and build an active schedule to follow but also risk serious health issues such as malnutrition. Especially for our aging loved ones in senior living communities it’s important to eat the right foods to stay focused to maintain an active lifestyle!

Here are the health groups broken down with their respective serving sizes and extra tips from us to maintain good health. 


Food Pyramid | Photo Credit: Examiner

Water – While H2O may not be included in the food pyramid; most folks are drinking water during fitness activities to keep hydrated. However, experts say you should have at least 8 glasses a day! Include 2 or 3 more glasses of water during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Grains – Who doesn’t love dipping bread into the gravy? Whole wheat or grain is the most healthy bread choice versus white! Foods such as hot cereal, rice and tortillas can make great meals in combination with ingredients from the other food groups.

Vegetables – There are many jokes out there that suggest we don’t eat our vegetables enough. This is true! For our aging loved ones, vegetables such as corn, peas and broccoli are great additions to the main course.

Fruit- While the delicious brownies look mighty welcoming, fight that urge and replace them with some delicious grapes, bananas or maybe a nice red apple.

Dairy – As long as it’s healthy for you there may be folks allergic to dairy products or lactose intolerant so be sure to monitor these situations. Otherwise, yogurt is the top healthiest food item from this category that we should include weekly, if not daily!

Protein Foods – For many, protein foods serve as the main dish. Anything from meat to poultry to fish fits into the category of proteins. Meat & poultry choices should be lean or low fat. As for fish, experts say the more fish the merrier!

 And last but not least…

Sweets – Those delicious cakes, cookies and other treats are very tempting and get a bad reputation! It’s okay to eat sweets sparingly.


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