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Oct 15

A Guide to Senior Living Options

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

We all know getting older is a hard fact of life. When you are young and healthy, it is easy to take care of yourself. For many, all through their childhood, your parents were there to support you and help you grow whenever you needed them. Naturally, as the roles of caregiver slowly changes, you want to care for them as they age. However, life’s responsibilities can make it difficult to become a full-time caregiver, no matter how much you want it. Perhaps you don’t live close to your parents or you have work commitments 40+ hours a week. It is in these circumstances that senior living options can give you peace of mind that your loved one is happy and cared for when you cannot be there for them all the time.

However, when discussing senior living, you may be met with resistance. The common reaction is that your loved one does not want to be “stuck in a nursing home” and lose their independence. The assumption that all senior living options are nursing homes, simply is not true. There are several other options for aging adults who do not need skilled nursing care 24 hours a day. These senior living options allow adults to retain their freedom, while getting the assistance that they need.

This guide will help you and your parent choose the right type of senior living care that is right for your family.

Assisted Living

At Oaks Senior Living, we offer assisted living services where residents live in private or semi-private apartments. Residents receive assistance from staff with activities of daily living (or ADLs) which include medication reminders, bathing, dressing, and transportation. Assisted living allows residents to experience a sense of community and security while retaining their independence and privacy. It is the perfect option for seniors who need some daily assistance, but do not require the high level of skilled nursing care provided in a nursing home. 

Adult Day Care and Respite Care

If you are currently a caregiver for your parent, you understand the sacrifices and challenges that come along with that commitment. Sometimes, there are unavoidable complications that pull you away from being able to care for your loved one every day. For example, maybe your job requires you to be away Monday-Friday during working hours. While you care for your parent as soon as you leave work, you are unable to leave them alone for such extended time periods during the day. With adult day care, your parents can spend their day at Oaks Senior Living and receive the same great care and amenities offered to our full-time residents.

Similar to adult day care, respite care is a short-term, overnight stay at our community. Whether you are going to be out of town or just need a well-deserved vacation, respite care stays are available to temporarily lift the stresses of caregiving. Even though our hearts are 100% committed to caring for our loved ones, the rest of our body sometimes need a break.

Memory Care

What if the person you are caring for has Alzheimer’s or dementia? These disabilities require more specific and specialized care than normal assisted living, and is best completed in a secure and engaging environment. Memory care differs from assisted living by providing specially-trained staff, added in-community safety features, and activities designed for engagement. At Oaks Senior Living, our memory care neighborhoods are created to minimize confusion and agitation. Common areas feature wide hallways and lots of natural light to encourage our residents to be comfortable in their surroundings. We also work with residents’ families to design a personal ‘memory box’ for their seniors using pictures and items from their past.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand some of the senior living and senior care options that are available to you. If you would like to know more about Oaks Senior Living, please start by finding your local community.

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