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Depression, Anxiety, and the Impact on Cognitive Health

Overcoming Concerns About Moving to Senior Living

Setting the Record Straight: Myths About Assisted Living Debunked

The Power of Pictures: Using Photographs to Stimulate Memories

Promoting Safety Throughout Our Oaks Senior Living Communities

5 Conditions that Imitate Alzheimer's Disease

Does the Thought of Downsizing Your Home Overwhelm You?

Understanding Arthritis Pain & Managing Symptoms

Obtaining Power of Attorney When Your Parent has been Diagnosed with Dementia

Why is the COVID-19 Vaccine Important to Stop the Spread of the Virus?

Easing the Transition into an Assisted Living Community in Georgia

What's the Difference Between Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes?

Senior Living: Why It's One of the Best Places to be During a Pandemic

Taking Care of Your Hearing Health

Benefits of Using Respite Care This Holiday Season

Meet Resident William F. | Oaks at Hampton

Assisted Living Then and Now: How Senior Living Has Evolved

A Senior’s Guide to Winter Gardening

Oaks Senior Living Continues to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Meet Resident Ellen | Oaks at Hampton

Dos and Don'ts of Dementia Care

Oaks Senior Living Shares a Guide to Senior Nutrition

What Apps Can Help Manage a Family Caregiver's Responsibilities?

Utilizing Respite Care as a Trial Stay for Assisted Living

How Spirituality Can Affect Overall Health and Wellness

Monthly Caregiver Support Group at Oaks at Douglasville

Navigating Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Oaks Senior Living Shares How Nutrition Affects Inflammation

Are You Prepared? Creating an Emergency Caregiver Plan

Your Spouse Has Alzheimer's: Now What?

A Guide to the Eden Alternative® Approach to Senior Care

Medication Safety: Protecting the Senior in Your Life

Senior Health: Nutrition for Healthy Eyes as You Age

4 Common Types of Dementia

Helping Seniors Navigate Finances & Tax Season

How Your Loved One Can Benefit from Oaks at Pooler

Tips for Promoting Heart Health This February (& All Year!)

Meet Resident Marjorie | Oaks at Hampton

How Respite Care Can Benefit Caregivers

Tips & Advice for a New Family Caregiver

Meet Resident Joan | Oaks at Oakland Plantation

Maintaining Caregiver Health and Avoiding Burnout

Meet Resident Cindy | Oaks at Oakland Plantation

Caregiver Advice: Managing Diabetes and Seniors

6 Tips for Communicating to Seniors with Hearing Impairments

Meet Resident Vivian | Oaks at Hampton

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the Senior Veteran in Your Life

Meet Resident Dot | Oaks at Hampton

Recognizing and Understanding Senior Depression

Important Alzheimer’s Disease Research Developments

Activities that Provide Health Benefits for Seniors

Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Exceptional Senior Dining Services at Oaks Senior Living

Technology That’s Improving Senior Care at Oaks Senior Living

Respite Care: Providing Short-Term Relief

Maintaining Senior Health Through Doctor Visits

Enhancing the Caregiver Journey

Common Online Scams That Target Seniors

Meet Resident Betty | Oaks at Oakland Plantation

Oaks: Making Senior Living Affordable

A Senior’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Meet Resident Margaret | Oaks at Braselton

6 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

How to Help a Senior Friend with Anxiety

Meet Resident Lolita | Oaks at Pooler

Senior Living Trends in 2019

How to Pay for Assisted Living

Meet Resident Marjorie (& Sammy!) | Oaks at Hampton

Recognizing Early-Onset Alzheimer’s and Memory Impairment

Meet Resident Mayola | Oaks at Towne Lake

5 Simple Exercises for Older Adults

Dining Out on a Diabetic Diet

Senior-Safe Traveling Tips

Meet Resident Anne | Oaks at Braselton

Seasonal Maintenance without Senior Living Services

Finding Self-Love with Respite Care

The Story of Kay Goff and Hope Boutique

Meet Resident David | Oaks at Pooler

4 Benefits of Animals for Seniors

Solo Seniors Don’t Have to Live Solo

In Memoriam of Selma Wackenhut

Senior Living Services to Embrace A Person-Centered Lifestyle

Meet Resident Carolyn | Oaks at Towne Lake

Why the Greatest Generation is the Greatest at Saving

Xak Hodges | Staff Spotlight

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

Joe H. | Addington Place of Brunswick

How to Stay Positive in Caregiving

Safety Tips in Technology for Seniors

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Meet Frank | The Oaks at Hampton

Meet Ruth “Aileen” the Oldest Centenarian at Oaks at Towne Lake

Wheelchair Exercises to Do with Your Best Friend

Meet Andrew Greeson | Staff Spotlight

Meet Howard | The Oaks at Towne Lake

Promoting Engagement through Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Spring Break Activities for the Whole Family

Meet Bill | Addington Place of Dublin

7 Tips for Your Parent’s Transition to Assisted Living in GA

Meet Jane | Oaks at Braselton

The 12 Ways of Staying Active During the Spring

Meet Mrs. Laws | Addington Place of Brunswick

Meet Resident Bill | Oaks at Hampton

How Seniors Are Redefining Retirement

3 Ways Assisted Living Communities Differ from Nursing Homes

Reasons to Pay for Respite Care

4 Recipes to Cook with Mom

4 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

4 Ways to Pay for Memory Care

Meet Resident Bruce | Oaks at Hampton

5 Reasons Your Parent Should Be On Social Media

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Meet Resident CJ | Oaks at Hampton

A Guide to Senior Living Options

Meet Resident Carolyn | Oaks at Braselton

Together We Can Overcome Social Isolation in Seniors

Meet Our Resident, Bob | Oaks at Hampton

6 Tips for Handling Your Parent’s Finances

How to Choose the Right Memory Care Community

What a Family-Owned Senior Living Company Means For You

5 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Meet Resident Florence | Oaks at Hampton

Improving Your Relationship with Your Parent After Caregiving Ends

Meet Resident Jean | Oaks at Hampton

5 Things You May Not Know About Oaks at Towne Lake

Meet Resident Morris | Oaks at Hampton

Pets Bring Benefits & Comfort to Seniors

Meet Volunteer Teri | Oaks at Hampton

How To Care for a Parent In Another State

Meet Resident Gordon | Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Aubrey | Oaks at Pooler

Communication Strategies for Dementia

Meet Resident David | Oaks at Hampton

Meet Resident Evelyn | Oaks at Pooler

Meet Resident Janice | Oaks at Braselton

Things To Consider When Taking Over Your Parents' Finances

Meet Our Resident, Martha | Oaks at Hampton

Senior Scams: What To Watch For and How To Protect Your Loved One

5 Springtime Activities for Seniors Living in Georgia

Meet Resident Chantelle | Oaks at Pooler

Meet Resident Mary | Oaks at Hampton

Why Should Seniors Stay Socially Active?

Meet Resident Carmela | Oaks at Pooler

Meet Resident Kazuko | Oaks at Pooler

Meet Therapy Dog Easton | Oaks at Hampton

5 Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors

Meet Resident June | Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Carmella | Oaks at Hampton

Siblings Working Together to Find Solutions for Aging Parents

Meet Resident Bill | Oaks at Pooler

Holidays with Mom: The Next Steps to Senior Living

Meet Resident Spike | Oaks at Hampton

Meet Our Resident, Abbie | Oaks at Braselton

A Caregiver’s Guide to the Holidays

Meet Resident Tom | Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Dolores | Oaks at Hampton

Senior-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

5 Healthy Habits for Seniors

Meet Resident Pat | Oaks at Hampton

How We Promote Employee Growth and Delight Residents

4 Fall Activities for Seniors

Meet Resident George | Oaks at Hampton

5 Stress-Relievers to Prevent Family Caregiver Burnout

3 Tips to Downsize Your Home For Assisted Living

Meet Resident John | Oaks at Hampton

How to Celebrate the Seniors in Your Life on Senior Citizen’s Day

A Guide to Senior Summer Safety

How to Budget for Elderly Care

5 Ways Assisted Living Communities Differ from Nursing Homes

5 Stress Relieving Tips for Senior Living Caregivers

Meet Resident Bob | Oaks at Hampton

Meet Resident Abbie | Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Verdelle | Oaks at Post Road

8 Types of Behavior Often Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

5 Ways to Improve your Memory

"An Outgoing Person with a Beautiful Smile" Meet Esther Gladys Walker

Meet Resident Ann  | Oaks at Hampton

How to Control the Effects of Dementia: Senior Living

Meet Resident Ted | Oaks at Hampton

Award Winning Senior Living Communities: Oaks Senior Living

7 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Oaks at Post Road Staff Highlight - Hope Mack

Meet Resident Mario | Oaks at Post Road

Meet Resident Nancy | Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Minnie | Oaks at Post Road

Meet Resident Martha | Oaks at Hampton

6 Winter Safety Tips for Our Loved Ones

Finding the Right Senior Care Community

The Importance of Group Support for Alzheimer Caregivers

Creating a Senior Thanksgiving for All to Enjoy

6 Fall Activities for the Elderly & Caretakers

Budgeting for Elderly Care

How Music Therapy Activities Benefit Dementia

When to Consider Assisted Living

Experiencing the Distress of Alzheimer's and Dementia

When Every Penny Counts: Facts Surrounding Senior Financial Abuse

Creative Connecting with Sufferers of Alzheimer's

Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver

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