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Nov 08
Anne_Resident-Oaks at Braselton

Meet Resident Anne | Oaks at Braselton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

Congratulations Anne, our November Resident of the Month! Anne resides at Oaks at Braselton, and we are so blessed to have her as part of our Oaks Senior Living family.

Anne, originally from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, grew up with four siblings - one sister and three brothers. Her father was a high school teacher and her mother was a stay-at-home mom.  Anne's dad would often travel to Boston and bring back all kinds of fresh fish for the family. Anne remembers him bringing home live lobsters and putting them straight into the pot to cook! Although Anne would cry over the lobsters, she can now reminisce and cherish those memories.  

Anne attended St. Bernard's all-girl, Catholic school until high school when she attended St. Bernard's High School, which was co-ed. During high school, Anne worked at Woolworth's and after graduation, she went to work at New England Telephone and Telegraph Company. 

Stamp Collection_Oaks Senior LivingAnne collected stamps when she was younger, which is a passion she continues today. Growing up, she enjoyed listening to programs on the radio or going to the beach with her family, and she loved listening to music from their record player, as well as spending time with her many neighborhood friends.

Anne got her license when she was 17-years-old and remembers her mom letting her drive the Oldsmobile to the local gas station to get gas (which was only 20 cents per gallon!). Being able to drive her mom's car that first day, even if it was just to the gas station, was very special to Anne. 

Anne loved her mom's cooking; her favorite was chopped-up hamburgers, peas, and mashed potatoes - she still loves the meal today! But, Anne’s favorite memory as a child was getting up at 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM on Christmas Day to open gifts. 

A cute story that Anne likes to share is:

When Anne was younger, there was a boy who wanted to take her out on a date - his name was Kevin. Anne lived in Fitchburg, but Kevin lived far away and did not have a car, so he would walk all the way to her house to take her to the movies (which were 25 cents back then) or other fun outings. Anne laughs about how Kevin would need deodorant when he arrived at her house from all his walking!

Anne attended Nursing School in Salem for pediatrics. She worked at the hospital in Salem for about a year, but then decided to take an opportunity to work as a nanny for a doctor. While working at the hospital, Anne’s head nurse set her up on a blind date with a man named Bob. He was in the Air Force in New Hampshire and on their first date, he fell asleep! Despite this, Anne decided to give him a chance and gave him her phone number. This was just the beginning and, after about a year of dating, Bob became her husband! Anne and Bob settled in Doraville, Georgia and together, had a daughter, Vicki, and a son, Chris, as well as a dog and three cats.

 Anne has lived at Oaks at Braselton for about 10 months and loves Bingo, playing cards, collecting stamps, Friday night movies, prayer groups, and the Monthly Birthday Bash. Anne is very friendly, and has many close friends - she is loved by many and she never meets a stranger! 

Congratulations and thank you again to Anne, our November Resident of the Month! To stay up to date with senior living trends, tips, and Oaks Senior Living community news be sure to subscribe to our blog.



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