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Aug 15
Oaks Senior Living: Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

While the two share similarities, these two senior care options have certain fundamental differences. The benefits of assisted living vs. home care are essential to understand and can change the level of care you seek for your loved one.

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Aug 01
Oaks Senior Living: What is Alzheimer's Disease

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

You wouldn’t be the first to ask the question “What is Alzheimer’s disease?”, and you won’t be the last either. Alzheimer’s disease is not a new disease, but it is one surging into the public spotlight in recent years. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers are beginning to understand it in more depth and continue to work towards finding one. Memory care services, like those provided at Oaks Senior Living, are in place to help those affected by the disease. Awareness is one of the keys to helping defeat Alzheimer’s disease.

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