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Sep 15
Oaks Senior Living - Important Alzheimer's Research Developments

Important Alzheimer’s Disease Research Developments

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

Alzheimer’s disease has affected the lives of many, whether it be experienced firsthand or something we watch a loved one endure; its impacts are significant. Thankfully in today’s era, bright minds and eager hearts are pushing back with intense Alzheimer’s disease research. They are fighting the good fight, and in the future not so distant from now, we hope to see this disease done away with entirely.

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Sep 01
Oaks Senior Living - Activities that Provide Health Benefits for Seniors

Activities that Provide Health Benefits for Seniors

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

While some may assume that the only way to a healthy life is through strenuous exercise, it’s important to note that, that is not the case! There are plenty of activities or exercises that provide health benefits for seniors. The key to a healthy and happy lifestyle does not have to revolve around intense workouts or exercise solely. Senior health care can come off as an intimidating topic, but it shouldn’t be one. Oaks Senior Living would like to provide you with a few activities to ensure you are leading a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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