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What's the Difference Between Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes?

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When looking into senior living options for yourself or a family member, it is important to understand the differences between each type of care. Finding care that is right for you or your family’s needs is vital to supporting a safe and healthy lifestyle. Oaks Senior Living offers assisted living and memory care services throughout Georgia. We are dedicated to creating personalized care plans for each resident that improves their well-being and enriches their lives. 

To help you understand what type of care is best for you or your family member, we are sharing the differences between two common levels of care that are often used interchangeably - assisted living and nursing homes.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a senior living option designed for older adults who want to maintain as much of an independent lifestyle as possible but need extra support with the activities of daily living. These activities could include medication administration, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, or mobility assistance.  

There are varying levels of assisted living available, depending on an individual’s abilities and specific care needs, and assisted living communities offer a wide variety of non-skilled services and amenities.

What is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home is defined as “a public or private residential facility providing a high level of long-term personal or nursing care for persons (such as the aged or the chronically ill) who are unable to care for themselves properly (Merriam-Webster).”

This means that nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, offer skilled services that include intensive, medical-based care. The individuals who stay in nursing homes require a higher and more constant level of care than those who choose assisted living. 

Differences in Lifestyle

A significant difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes is the lifestyle that each of these types of senior living offers. 

Assisted living communities are created around the idea of home. Assisted living services offer a community environment in which individuals retain their privacy and as much of their independence as possible. Often living in their own private apartments or suites, assisted living residents live their lives the way they want to and participate in the activities they enjoy.

The main focus of a nursing home is to provide the necessary level of medical care. While assisted living communities aim to create a more communal environment, nursing homes aim to provide 24/7 care and monitoring to those with more serious health conditions – this could be short-term or long-term care depending on the individual.

It is also important to note that assisted living communities are regulated by each state, whereas nursing homes are regulated on a federal level.

Differences in Payment Options

One crucial difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes is how these services are paid for. While some states may cover some of the assisted living costs through Medicaid, there are restrictions and specific criteria that must be met. 

On the other hand, nearly all nursing homes accept Medicare and Medicaid as payment options. 

Navigating Senior Care Options: Download Our Senior Living Terms GuideAssisted Living in Georgia

Oaks Senior Living has communities throughout the state of Georgia, and we are proud to offer assisted living care and services with a person-centered lifestyle approach. This approach to caregiving satisfies the unique desires and needs of residents and moves away from an overly structured method. 

The person-centered lifestyle encourages independence and personal choice, ensuring all residents enjoy the highest quality of life possible. 

As a family-operated company, Oaks Senior Living is different. The love, compassion, and understanding we show can only come from a dedicated family and team. Download our eBook, “Benefits of Choosing a Family-Operated Community,” to learn more about how the idea of family is incorporated into each of our communities and how it enhances the care we provide. 

Finding and choosing the right care for yourself or a family member is crucial in maintaining health and wellness. For more information on our senior living communities in Georgia or the services we provide, contact a member of the Oaks Senior Living team, or visit our website.

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