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Aug 15
Oaks Senior Living: Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

While the two share similarities, these two senior care options have certain fundamental differences. The benefits of assisted living vs. home care are essential to understand and can change the level of care you seek for your loved one.

When starting the senior living discussion with a loved one, it’s important to understand not only the options available but to understand the wants and desires of your loved one. At Oaks Senior Living, we have put significant effort into providing a truly fantastic experience for those under our care, and we want to make sure you know the differences between assisted living vs. home care.

Family-Oriented Atmosphere

While living at home and aging in place may seem ideal, your loved one will likely not have access to the same amenities of a senior living community. From social activities to educational opportunities, Oaks Senior Living provides a robust experience for those under our care. Our senior living communities are family operated, and we create a feeling that your loved one is truly a part of our family - because they are!Oaks Senior Living: Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

The atmosphere may be one of the most significant benefits of an assisted living community vs. home care. While staying at home may seem like the best route to take, your loved one may be missing out on crucial social engagements and interactions. Oaks Senior Living provides an enriching experience, with comfortable amenities, and incredibly supportive caregivers. Erase the vision of a tired and cold nursing home and replace it with a genuinely loving experience!

Caregiver Differences

Another benefit of assisted living vs. home care is the senior care staff. While your loved one may get considerable attention from a caregiver at home, they are restricted to a schedule. Home care provides a caregiver for specific times of the day, on specific days of the week. 

At Oaks Senior Living, this issue does not exist. Our caregivers are always a call away and are available at our communities 24/7. Depending on the level of care your loved one requires, this may not be an issue, but if your loved one requires on-going assistance with day to day activities and more in-depth care, an assisted living community is a much stronger option.

The Cost of Maintenance

While you may assume home care is cheaper, in the long run, it’s not. One benefit of moving to an assisted living community vs. home care can be the price. The average cost of yearly maintenance largely depends on the size and age of your home, but it could cost you thousands every year. Residing at an assisted living community allows you to pay a monthly fee (rent, utilities, etc.) without having to worry about surprise costs every month. 

Community vs. Familiarity

Most seniors opt to stay home due to the familiarity of it; while this idea has merit, it may end up hurting them in the long run. Social isolation is a common occurrence for those 65 years and older, and those who live alone are at a higher risk. With this isolation comes adverse side effects to health that can harm the longevity of your loved one. At Oaks Senior Living, our communities provide activities and exercises to create a close-knit community where our residents feel at home. Social engagement and relationships created are a significant benefit of assisted living vs. home care. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG

Residents at Oaks Senior Living participate in group events, outdoor activities, and indoor exercises that create a true sense of community. There are many benefits of moving to an assisted living vs. home care, and the choice that is right for your loved one depends on your situation. The communities at Oaks Senior Living provide a truly unrivaled experience for all levels of care. 

With comforting amenities and attentive care, your loved one can feel at home and enjoy their retirement in an enriching and nourishing environment. If you’re interested in learning more about what Oaks Senior Living assisted living communities have to offer, feel free to contact one of our experts!

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