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Oct 10
breast cancer awareness

The Story of Kay Goff and Hope Boutique

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

Oaks Senior Living is proud to show our support and raise awareness for breast cancer during the month of October! By hosting events that bring awareness to breast cancer and other diseases, we are showing others that they are not alone. We also show our support for amazing women like Oaks Senior Living resident, Kay Goff, by sharing their stories… 


Kay Goff kay goff breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder of The Hope Boutique of Piedmont Newton

As I sit and listen to Kay’s story, I am in awe of her and her strength. It is a true statement when someone says, “there are angels on this Earth.” One of those angels is Kay Goff.

The Hope Boutique of Piedmont Newton is a ministry founded and inspired by Ms. Kay’s own battle with breast cancer in 2003. She underwent a lumpectomy with chemotherapy and radiation. She remains cancer-free since her procedures.

Located in the NMC Woman’s Diagnostic Center, the boutique provides free scarves, hats, wigs, turbans, blankets, bras, prosthetic breasts, drain bags and pillows, make-up, and educational material to breast cancer patients who have little or no health insurance. Many items are handmade, and some are even imbued with prayer by the makers before they arrive at the boutique. “It’s just the most amazing blessing to me to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about women’s health as I am,” said Ms. Kay, who added that the boutique won the 2008 Best Practice Award from the Georgia Society of Directors of Volunteer Services.

The boutique was inspired by a Bible passage and advice from a friend. With the help of NMC staff, they obtained a start-up grant for the boutique. “I realized that my mission was going to be helping others,” Ms. Kay said. Having Cancer, especially breast cancer, gives her insight into what patients might be feeling and thinking. 

One of Ms. Kay’s first clients to The Hope Boutique kept a rolled-up dish towel in her bra to conceal her missing breast, removed due to cancer. After Ms. Kay fitted her with a bra and a prosthetic breast, the woman dropped to her knees in front of the mirror. She said, “I am whole again,” Ms. Kay said.

This is her story in her own words.

“When a patient comes to me, the first thing I tell them is, I am going to teach them to turn worry into worship – that I understand what it means to have cancer - that they cannot let worry make them sicker than the disease. You must turn worry into worship and let the Lord take care of you. You will never be by yourself through this whole ordeal because the Lord will teach you that he will take care of you and I will be running behind him just as hard as I can to keep up. You will NOT be alone. You can call me anytime, night or day. Fear doesn’t hit you 9 to 5! So, I am going to teach you to turn fear into faith. Taking the worry completely away and depending on the faith will help all of us fight the fight until the fight is finished. When I invite a new patient into support group meetings, I explain to them that they might walk into the room not knowing a single person but when they leave, they will have a room full of sisters. They are all there not just because they need help, but they want to help them as well. They will have support the entire time from their sisters! “

I asked her to explain how she copes with the loss of a sister and her reply left me speechless with a warm comforting feeling in my heart. This was Ms. Kay’s response was:

“As we are struggling through the final days together with their families, I present them with their loved one’s portrait. We become such close sisters. I tell them that I keep their loved ones in my heart and I will set them on my shoulders. This way when I see a new patient, I can take them with me. Their strength and their support will be there with me the whole time when I am trying to comfort a brand-new patient.”

 “A lot of miracles happen in this tiny room!” Ms. Kay said.

breast cancer awareness hope boutiqueThe Lord has sent this beautiful angel to take care of the needs of so many women and I am blessed to call her my friend.  

(Story written by: Wahnita Berrocal, with excerpts from story written by: Karen J. Rohr)

Oaks Senior Living is proud to work with such strong and amazing people! We show our support by sharing Kay’s story and hosting breast cancer awareness events like our 1st Annual ‘Bingo for Boobies’ event which was held on October 20, 2018, at Oaks at Ashton Hills.




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