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Oaks Senior Living - Evolution of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Then and Now: How Senior Living Has Evolved

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The first assisted living facility (as we know them today) came into being in 1981 after Dr. Keren Brown Wilson needed a living solution for her mother. At that time, the only option for senior care was a more institutionalized nursing home setting that focused only on medical care. Dr. Brown Wilson’s mother did not need this type of intensive care but did require some assistance, and the concept of assisted living emerged.

While the original idea for assisted living introduced a new type of senior care, it still had a long way to go before it evolved into what it is today.

Oaks Senior Living offers assisted living and memory care in Georgia, and has learned from the old ways of assisted living and has reinvented the meaning. Our communities have implemented a new approach to assisted living in the care and services that we provide.

Assisted Living: Then

The idea and purpose for this new type of senior living was to provide a care option for individuals who did not need constant medical care but still needed some assistance with the activities of daily living, just like Dr. Keren Brown Wilson’s mother.

While the idea of assisted living revolutionized the nature of senior care, the first assisted living facilities allowed for more independence for residents, but still had an institutionalized feel. Even the term “facility” generates an image of hospital care, as opposed to retirement living.

Despite the “institutionalized” feel that assisted living provided, many families still used these services because, at that time, there continued to be limited senior care options.

Fortunately, over decades of learning, growing, and shifting, assisted living in Georgia, and throughout the nation, has evolved.

Assisted Living: Now

Today’s assisted living communities are designed to provide appropriate support and care to individuals so they can continue to live their desired lifestyle.

By encouraging independence and providing assistance with the activities of daily living in a warm, homelike atmosphere, members of assisted living communities are equipped to partake in life-enrichment activities and pursue their hobbies and interests.

“Even the terms we use to describe assisted living have evolved.  Seniors are not considered patients, but residents, for example. They are not assigned beds, but rooms or suites (” Those in the industry no longer refer to these buildings as facilities, but communities, because that is what they create for residents and guests – a sense of community.

Beyond assisted living, the senior living industry has evolved to create additional levels of senior care, including memory care for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.Free eBook - Transitioning to a Senior Living Community Download

Oaks Senior Living: Assisted Living in Georgia

Oaks Senior Living is a family-operated company with senior living communities throughout the state of Georgia. Our assisted living and memory care communities are based around our principle of creating a person-centered lifestyle. We seek to know, understand, and honor each individual’s life history and personal preferences while building meaningful relationships. This lifestyle yields choice in daily routine and a desire to provide care from a different perspective, ensuring individuals enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Team members at Oaks Senior Living communities are carefully chosen for their strong desire to work with seniors, and a committed, experienced leadership team supports care partners within each community. We strive to help residents stay as active as possible. Our Lifestyle Directors offer an excellent balance of activities, outings, exercise, and entertainment options, operating on the goal of providing purpose and meaning to everyday life.

We offer four levels of assisted living care, all building upon each other should an individual’s care needs change. This allows residents to age in place without moving to a new community for additional care needs.

Our basic level of assisted living offers all the comforts of home and include/ensure:

  • Purposeful Social Events
  • Overall Well-Being Through Strong, Caring Relationships and Providing Frequent Check-Ins
  • Emergency Call Systems and Trained Care Partners Ready to Serve 24/7
  • Meaningful Dining Experiences (Three Well-Balanced Meals and Two Snacks Daily)
  • Specialized Diet Plans and Alternative Menu Choices
  • All Utilities, Including Wi-Fi (Phone and Cable Require Additional Fee
  • On-Site Wellness Center with Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Group Transportation to Medical Appointments Within a 10-Mile Radius
  • Daily Bed Making Supervision or Assistance and Trash Removal
  • Weekly Detailed Apartment Cleaning and Linen Service

We believe that each day is an opportunity for growth, to enjoy what has always brought us happiness, and an allowance for new life experiences. Oaks Senior Living in Georgia is a different kind of senior care company. The love, compassion, and understanding we show can only come from a dedicated family and team.

To learn more about our assisted living services or approach to senior care, please contact a member of our team.

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