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Dec 01

Finding the Right Senior Care Community

Posted by allbizweb adminsupport | 3 minute read

Your Elderly Loved One Deserves Only the Best Senior Care Community!

Senior Care Community Oaks Senior LivingFinding the right senior care community for your loved ones who can no longer live alone can be a challenge. However, most modern senior care facilities are not the dreary and impersonal institutions of yesteryear. By talking over this decision with your elderly loved ones and doing diligent research, you can find a senior community that will not only see to their medical and personal needs, but improve their quality of life.

The decision to put a loved one in a senior care community is never an easy one. Adult children, often dealing with demands of their own families and careers, may feel they are turning their backs on an elderly loved one, often a parent. The senior, on the other hand, may resist the decision and insist that he/she can still lead an independent life. It is a difficult situation that can strain relationships and cause a lot of stress. However, by keeping communications open and honest as well as doing diligent research, you can make this tough transition a little easier.

Keep an Open and Honest Dialogue

Involve your senior loved one in the decision; after all, this concerns them and their quality of life. They should be part of the decision making process to the extent that they are still able to participate. Sometimes adult children have to make this decision on their own, such as when their elderly loved ones are suffering from advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. However, when this is not the case, it is best to make them part of the decision making process and allow them to be heard.

It happens often enough that the elderly resist the idea of leaving their homes and moving into a senior care community. Even if they do not say it outright, they are fearful of losing their independence, being around and cared for by strangers, and being abandoned by their children completely. If, despite your assurances, they remain closed to the idea, engage the aid of someone they trust who agrees that your loved one needs to be in a senior care community – perhaps a close relative or their doctor or pastor. Let them use their influence to convince your loved one so you do not have to play the role of the bad guy.

Doing a Comprehensive Search Will Take Time

Understand that finding the right senior care community for your loved one can be a lengthy and costly process. Arm yourself with patience and be prepared to visit a lot of places, ask a lot of questions, sift through a ton of information, fill out an endless number of questionnaires and application forms, talk to countless health care professionals and lose a lot of sleep over this decision.

There are consultants who can advise you on the choices that are available to you and your elderly loved one. Their services come with a fee, of course, but their knowledge and experience can go a long way in helping you make an informed decision about the right senior care community. Just make sure they are independent consultants who can advise you of all your options, and not someone who is on the (discreet) payroll of certain facilities to promote their service over others.

Finding the right senior care community for your loved one is simply another way of taking care of them. Involve them in the process to the extent that they can participate and take the time to really research the senior care facilities in your area. In this way, you show your elderly loved one that you are considering their needs above all else. Often, this may just be what they need to see in order to make the transition.

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