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May 15

How To Care for a Parent In Another State

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

It is not uncommon to find yourself living in a different state than your parents. Many children relocate for college, a job, or a marriage and settle down away from their family. The older generation also is known to move to warmer areas of the country to live their golden years away from harsher climates. Because of these factors, it sometimes becomes apparent that your parent needs help, even though you are far away. So what do you do to help get them the care they require?

While the obvious answer may be to move them closer to you or move closer to them, it is still possible to care for them from afar under certain circumstances. Here are some things to consider when deciding appropriate care:

  • Do they just need better opportunities to socialize?

  • Do they need a smaller living area or need home modifications?

  • Are they looking for help with activities of daily living like cooking, shopping, cleaning, and hygiene?

  • Do they need medical assistance?

Once you have decided what level of care they require, start by exploring local caregiving resources. If professional medical help is not necessary, begin by asking friends, church family, or their friends. If they cannot help, they may have recommendations for someone who can. If you do decide to use a friend or acquaintance to check in on your parent and help when necessary, be sure they are someone reliable and be prepared to compensate them for their time. Similarly, it is important that you regularly visit to make sure your parent is healthy and happy.

If support in this form is unavailable, you can contact professional services to help care for your loved one. Some examples would be home health aides, companion services, eldercare attorneys, adult day cares, and senior centers.

If your parent is unable to care for himself or herself, it may be time to look at long-term care options like a senior living community or a nursing home. Long-term care is available to meet many different needs – whether it be health, mental, or social needs. Although making the decision to move your parent into a long-term care facility such as Oaks Senior Living is a difficult one, it can ensure your parent is safe and secure. Ultimately, we recommend choosing a facility near you as having family time is an essential element to your parent's health.

We would love to talk to you about your family situation and if we can help in any way with moving your parent from their home into our assisted living and memory care communities.

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