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How to Celebrate the Seniors in Your Life on Senior Citizen’s Day

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

Sunday August 21st marks National Senior Citizen’s Day – officiated by Ronald Reagan in 1988 as a way to celebrate and recognize the lives of our nation’s seniors. This official day created a way to acknowledge a generation’s lifetime achievements, sacrifices and contributions they made to their communities, families and country. While many honor mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, every day through little gestures – today is the day to go above and beyond for the elders in your life.

Many businesses and communities hold celebrations, festivals, dinners and discounts for seniors during this day…. So what are you plans? At Oaks Senior Living, our communities are celebrating all month long with activities like wheelchair/walker washes, homemade quilts for our memory care residents and finally a family-invited lunch of prime rib at the Oaks at Hampton. 

We’ve included some small but meaningful ideas for Senior Citizen’s Day that are sure to make your seniors feel loved and special:

  • Quality Time – Take your loved one to their favorite place, restaurant or to do an activity they love. We all get busy and caught up in our own lives, so taking the time to spend with someone on Senior Citizen’s Day will communicate their importance!
  • Serve Them – Many of us value acts of service as one of the ways we speak love, so look for ways to help your friends and family members. While these tasks could be classified as “chores”, they may be jobs your senior struggles with completing on a daily basis and will improve their quality of life drastically.
  • Recognize & Communicate – We understand that it’s not always possible to see your loved one on National Senior Citizen’s Day or even in the days leading up to or after. If you are located apart be sure to call, write or send a card and tell them just how much they mean to you.

Whether they are family or friends, the older generation shaped you into who you are today with their charm, wit, stories and experiences. Each is unique and special and deserve to be celebrated today and every day!

We want to know how you celebrate your loved ones on National Senior Citizen’s Day and every day of the year! Visit our Oaks Senior Living Facebook page and leave us a comment sharing a picture or a story of your favorite way of honoring those around you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #OaksCelebratesSeniors to connect with others in your area and to share ideas!



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