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Dec 26
Joan_Oaks - Resident Highlight

Meet Resident Joan | Oaks at Oakland Plantation

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 1 minute read

This month we are highlighting our resident, Joan, at Oaks at Oakland Plantation!

Joan grew up in England! Her parents passed away years ago, but her father was a teacher. She has two siblings, John and Ann. Ann still lives in England and calls Joan every Sunday around 3:00 PM to chat and catch up.

Joan enjoyed the comfort and stability of being at home with family but enjoys her purposeful lifestyle and independence.

When she was younger, Joan loved traveling, gardening, and volunteering around the community museum and Meals on Wheels. She has also taught in several countries, including England, Turkey, and the United States (Dougherty School System), but has since retired.

Joan was married, and her husband was in the Army and retired a Lieutenant Colonel. Before moving to Oaks Senior Living, Joan would get up every day around 9:00-9:30 AM, dress, and be ready for breakfast. Any time after midmorning, she would visit Oakland Library and choose her books. She also likes visiting the beach, getting pedicures, and getting her hair done!


Joan has been a part of the Oaks at Oakland Plantation family for a little over a year. She enjoys playing the piano and attending exercise classes, she loves to do tea time with the ladies, and loves to go joyriding with her daughter on Thursdays! She has also become very close with another resident at Oaks at Oakland Plantation and enjoys visiting with them.

Joan has a very easy-going personality but will definitely voice her opinion! We want to thank Joan for sharing her story with us, and we congratulate her on being highlighted this month.


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