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Jun 01
Oaks Senior Living Maintaining Senior Health

Maintaining Senior Health Through Doctor Visits

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

As your loved one ages, it's common for doctor visits to become more frequent. At Oaks Senior Living, we create lifestyles that engage both the mind and spirit. We understand the importance of senior health; including doctor’s visits and the stresses that can come along with helping your loved ones with all of their medical needs. With proper education and guidance, you can happily assist your loved one with their health through doctor’s visits.

Plan Ahead

Doctor visits can be hectic without the proper planning. With all of your loved one’s senior health needs, making a schedule can reduce stress and anxiety around doctor visits. If the senior in your life doesn’t have a primary health doctor, be sure to help them pick one that is located in a place that is convenient for them. If necessary, schedule the appointment during the slow part of the day if your loved one doesn’t like waiting in crowded offices. If your loved one doesn’t drive anymore and you can’t take them yourself, you can arrange for another family member to take them or look for senior transportation options nearby.


Gather any medications your loved one is currently taking, and write the names and dosages down in case the doctor needs that information. Don't forget to bring any medication that would need to be taken while you and your loved one are out!

Take Notes

You’ll want to be sure that you walk out of your loved one’s doctor’s appointment feeling like you remembered everything that was said. It is important to take notes throughout the appointment in regards to any medication changes, treatment plans, medical conditions, or dietary changes to better help you and your loved one understand what the physician discussed. Make sure you also bring a list of your own questions or concerns as well. Your loved one may have symptoms of an illness, side effects from medications, or changes in overall senior health. You need to walk through the door ready to ask the right questions!Oaks Senior Living Maintaining Senior Health

Be Supportive

Accompanying your loved one to their appointment is a big help in itself, as it provides necessary moral support they may be seeking. Being supportive can make all the difference, as it is a very emotional time for your loved one, especially if they are facing a severe diagnosis. For some older adults, it can be hard to understand everything the doctor has said or they may have a hard time asking questions on their own.


Stay supportive and positive for your loved one, as it can be an emotional time full of anxiety for them, but with your help, they can continue living a positive life! If you and the senior in your life are looking for more information on senior living opportunities, contact one of our communities today!

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