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Seasonal Maintenance without Senior Living Services

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As seasons are finally changing, it is the perfect time to help mom and dad clean out the garage or do some yard work before winter takes over. Now is as good a time as any to help your parents with seasonal maintenance. If your elderly parents are not utilizing any senior living services, this will put more pressure on you to help maintain your parent’s household.


It can be intimidating if you are the only one that can help Mom and Dad with the house or yard. Concerns about your aging parents are the main reason driving the need for assistance with maintenance. Serious concerns can stem from worrying about:

  • Maintenance work being too strenuous for your older loved ones
  • Having no other caretakers available to assist
  • Loved ones not physically able to maintain their home
  • Loved ones have increased risks of falling or tripping

All of these concerns are normal if you do have aging parents. If your loved ones are not ready or resistant to move into senior-friendly housing or pay for living and maintenance services, it can be intimidating helping them with all their various needs.


Tasks to Consider

If you are assisting with tackling maintenance before winter hits, there are various chores to consider. Even for those living in the South, it is always a good idea to clean out the gutters. If debris piles up in the gutters then rain or snow, can add too much weight to the roof causing a caving hazard. Other issues that could follow such as leaking, flooding, or mold, can have adverse health effects.

Shoveling Snow

Landscaping is not just a springtime chore. When the path to your older parent’s front door becomes overgrown, it poses a tripping hazard. If the region their home is in does receive snowfall, they may not even notice the overgrown path, posing more danger. It is also essential to check the interior of the home for any tripping hazards, such as: slippery rugs, bulky furniture, loose electrical cords, etc.

Inspecting the climate controlling units is also essential before the weather becomes too cold. It may still be comfortable enough outside for Mom or Dad to leave the windows open. However, if temperatures do drop unexpectedly, and the heater is out-of-commission, this could pose a severe threat to your older parent’s health.

Be sure to inspect their yards, home exterior, and home interior before winter strikes.

Seasonal Safety

The main purpose of seasonal maintenance for aging parents is to ensure that their home is safe and that they will be protected through the changing seasons. If you live out of state and are still concerned for your parent’s ability to maintain their own homes, it can be very frightening. Being honest and up-front with your concerns to your parents may be a difficult topic of conversation, but a necessary one.

Be sure to ask your parents questions such as… 

  • “Is the yard work becoming too much for you to keep up with?”
  • “Are you keeping balance well?”
  • “Has the housework become too exhausting?”

If they are agreeable to your concerns, or there are visible signs of concern, it may be time to look into your senior living options and the services available. Safety is the main priority. Download our free eBook to learn about transitioning your loved one to a senior living community



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