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Meet Resident Marjorie | Oaks at Hampton

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This month we are highlighting our resident, Marjorie, at Oaks at Hampton!

Marjorie was born on April 15, 1922, and was raised in Oneida, New York, along with her younger sister. Her father, who was a chemist, worked for Oneida, the staple employer of the city.

The city of Oneida has an interesting history! In 1848, a man named John Noyes wanted to create a perfectionist religious communal society, which he established in Oneida. The Community Mansion House was subsequently built, and a commune of people lived together. All children lived together in a separate part of the house. Oneida, the company, employed most people from the area and from the Community House, producing silverware, platters, china, and more. As the practices of this society began to be questioned, an arrest warrant was issued for Noyes. Noyes and some of his followers fled to Canada, and the communal society was dissolved in 1881. The Oneida Company was reorganized as a stock company.

Marjorie met her husband, Gordon, while in high school. They married on November 13, 1941. After high school, Marjorie went on to Business School, and Gordon went into the Navy Air Corps. They had two children, Eric and Paula, who were raised in Oneida. Marjorie went to work once the kids went to school, and she would get home when they got home.

When the kids were small, the family enjoyed camping and hiking. Marjorie’s parents and Gordon’s parents lived both lived within a mile, and Marjorie cared for all of them as they aged. After Gordon and Marjorie retired, they moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas, at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. Bella Vista was retirement heaven with golf courses, clubhouses, lakes, parks, and clubs galore. Gordon and Marjorie biked for miles and miles with the bike club! Marjorie also joined the quilting club and taught English to those needing to learn our language.

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!After Gordon developed Alzheimer’s, Marjorie cared for him. When Gordon passed away, Marjorie moved to Owasso, Oklahoma, where her son, Eric, and his wife ran a tree farm. Marjorie helped them out however she could and made bows for the Christmas wreaths. Marjorie moved to Georgia when Eric and Kathy sold their farm.

Marjorie_Oaks at HamptonMarjorie loves outings, playing cards, reading, and she is responsible for the first Eden story documented at Oaks at Hampton. Marjorie had a severe stroke, and when she returned to The Oaks on hospice, she couldn’t speak or walk. The Oaks house puppy, Sammy, came to see her. He jumped on her bed, and she said, “Sammy.” Those were her first words spoken in weeks.

After that moment, Sammy and Marjorie became Romeo and Juliet. Marjorie progressed to therapy, and Sammy would not leave her side. Sammy is now a certified therapy dog, and he goes everywhere with Marjorie. Although Sammy is one of the house dogs and belongs to the Lifestyle Director, once his paws hit The Oaks, he belongs to Marjorie. Marjorie says she owns Sammy from 9:00-5:00. 97-year-old Marjorie and Sam walk all over the property every day, and people need Sam’s permission to touch Marjorie.

What a pair they are, and it’s incredible how the puppy has enriched Marjorie’s life and how she has done the same for him. They both have a significant purpose in life. We want to thank Marjorie for sharing her story with us, and we are so happy to have her as part of our Oaks family!


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