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Oaks Senior Living Resident Highlight Mayola

Meet Resident Mayola | Oaks at Towne Lake

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Congratulations to Mayola, who is our featured resident this month! At Oaks Senior Living, we were delighted to sit down and speak with Mayola and learn more about her incredible journey.

Born and raised in Missouri, Mayola is one of twelve children in her family. She has two sisters and nine brothers! Growing up in a loving family, Mayola says that she and all of her siblings were taught to have good values by their parents. Because her parents owned a farm, all of the children were no strangers to hard work and enjoyed the work they did with their parents. Mayola told us that after all of the children's' chores had been completed for the day, their parents would let them play outside and have fun together.Coming from a farming family, Mayola was lucky to have found the perfect man. He also belonged to a family of farmers and proudly served in the military during World War II. Eventually, their loving relationship developed into a beautiful marriage, and they began to maintain a farm as a couple. Together, Mayola and her husband produced cotton, soybeans, and wheat on the farm.

The couple also enjoyed helping their close friend operate a small grocery store in town, and they became partners in the business. When their friend became ill, they became the owners of the grocery store and began to update it. Mayola loves shopping and clothes, so they added a clothing section to the store with all of the latest styles. She told us that this was her favorite part about the store because she would always be able to have the first choice in whatever clothing they sold!

Wanting to start a family, Mayola and her husband built a small home together and loved each other for over 71 years! The pair had two daughters that Mayola loves very much and is extremely proud of. She states that raising them has been the most enjoyable part of her life. In addition to the joys of her children, Mayola had always wanted grandchildren and was excited that both of her daughters have given her children!

Mayola has been a resident at Oaks at Towne Lake for one year, and she loves the community. Since coming to our community and becoming a resident, Mayola has become an integral part of the Oaks family. She enjoys doing all of the activities we offer and can be seen doing a wide variety of fun hobbies. Mayola says that her favorite things at Oaks are making art, listening to music, and playing bingo. She is also a member of the floral club and the cooking club. She says that her favorite meal is ham and green vegetables with white navy beans. Yum!

Oaks Senior Living wants to thank Mayola for speaking with us and sharing the story of her incredible life. We enjoyed getting to know her and learning about her beautiful family. Once again, congratulations Mayola!


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