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Meet Ted Kegler -  Oaks at Hampton Resident

Meet Resident Ted | Oaks at Hampton

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Ted was born in Chicago Illinois June 5, 1928 with a younger brother who now lives in Oregon. Ted’s father owned a bar until Ted was 13 until his father went to work for the Wisconsin State Fisheries. Ted’s mother was a registered nurse.

Ted and his family moved from Chicago to Wisconsin when he was 3 years old. His first job was at a pop bottling company when he was 12 years old. The family moved again in 1943 to Vancouver, Washington, where Ted graduated from high school. On April 1, 1947 Ted joined the Army Air Core and he was sent to Alaska to work on B29 bomber planes on February 26, 1948.

While serving in the Army Air Core Ted worked on B29’s in weather recon. He flew from Fairbanks Alaska to the North Pole twice. The flights were to record the weather. Ted smiles as he said that Santa would always wave as they flew over the North Pole.

Fun fact: Later on in life Ted would continue working with places, repairing for Alaska Airlines for 45 years.

Ted has a college resume to be proud of. He earned a Bachelor Degree in Technology and an Associate Degree in Aviation. He earned a major in all of the following: Physics, Engineering, Mathematics and Aviation. All majors, no minors!!

As a homesteader in Alaska, Ted’s nearest neighbor was a black bear. Homesteaders are required to live on the property at least seven months in each of the three years out a five-year time period. Also you are required to build a habitual dwelling in that time frame. Ted met the qualifications and was granted the deed to the land.

Ted was married to his first wife, Mary Ann for 30 years. He and Mary Ann had two sons and a daughter who have all passed away. Mary Ann passed away after battling cancer. Ted married his second wife Ruiz Anne and they have been married for 24 years. Ruiz lives with her daughter Ann and Ann’s husband nearby.

Ted moved to Cumming, GA because the cost of assisted living was outrageous in Alaska. Also his wife’s daughter and grandchildren live in the area. Ted needed assisted living because he tried to scoot the cat out of the way and he fell and broke his hip. Unfortunately, his hip surgeries did not go well which required additional assistance on a daily basis. Ted is an avid reader, loves to feed and watch the birds and is a jigsaw puzzle master.

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