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Mar 08

Meet Resident Bill | Oaks at Hampton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

Meet Bill, our resident of the month for Oaks at Hampton! Bill was born in Cleveland, Ohio on April 22, 1923. His mother was a homemaker and did a wonderful job raising him. His father was the Chief Chemist at the Ohio Power Company. Bill's family later moved from Ohio to Georgia. Bill grew up in a large family with three brothers & sisters; he is the last remaining sibling. Bill was attending college when WWII broke out; he was immediately recruited into the United States Army. He played in the US Army Band and was eventually made the Commander.

After the war, Bill married Helen, "the most beautiful woman you ever saw" and they have been married 65 years this April. Helen is 83 years young, so you can see that Bill, who is 95, robbed the cradle when he married her. Together, Helen and Bill raised three handsome boys and all three grew up to be successful men. They also had a daughter who sadly passed when she was in her 30's. 

Throughout life’s ups and downs, Bill has been involved with music. He became a music teacher in light of his passion. With a passion for sports, he also played professional tennis. Bill's fondest memories have come from spending time with his beautiful wife, Helen. The Oaks is here hoping they have many more memories to come! 

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