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Nov 30

Meet Resident Bruce | Oaks at Hampton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

Bruce was born on March 1st in Newton Falls, Ohio and is an only child. After high school, Bruce served in the Air Force for three years and was based in Pakistan where he monitored electric transmissions. He was discharged from the Air Force early to care for his mother and grandmother after his father passed away. Bruce loved being in the military and would go back if he was able.

After leaving the Air Force, Bruce began his college education at Youngstown State University but ended up graduating from Pittsburg Institute of Mortuary Science. Throughout the years, he has held many different jobs, including mortician, EMT, and a member of the Volunteer Fire Department. He also owned an ice cream parlor and sandwich shop, as well as a janitorial business. He also has four children: Allason, Heather, Bryan, and Kimberlee along with three grandchildren.

In his free time, Bruce loved fishing and riding his bike, and for 25 years, he was part of a group that had Sunday night dances. Every event he always made muffins, earning him the nickname “Muffin Man.” He enjoyed coming up with unusual muffin flavors. He was a church usher for about 25 years and continues to help with service here at Oaks at Hampton. One of Bruce’s “jobs” now is to water the flowers and tomato plants and he enjoys when people come and play music, and he enjoys talking to anybody. He is a people person, and the military is his favorite topic of conversation.

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