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Oct 30

Meet Resident CJ | Oaks at Hampton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living
CJ was born in Standish, Michigan in 1925 and was one of four children which included an older brother, an older sister, and a younger sister. His mother was Canadian, and his father was Swedish.

After he turned 18, CJ served in the Coast Guard for 13 years. Upon completing his time with the Coast Guard, he went on to serve in the Navy Reserve until 1986. CJ also worked for Ford Motor Company for 30 years as an electrition as well as a driver for The Shriner's Children Hospital.

He met and married his wife in 1957 they were married for 50 years.
During their marriage, they had one son who passed away from cystic fibrosis.

CJ continues to be involved with the Shriner’s today and says they have made a significant impact on his life by allowing him the opportunity to make an impact on other’s lives.

He also likes to claim that he a curmudgeon or a grumpy old man. We can tell you that his claim is 100% false! He has a beautiful, caring heart and is also known as our top dog lover at our community! If CJ is not sitting in the front lobby visiting with the house dogs, they make their way to his room and push open the door to check on him. He makes a point of leaving his door cracked so the dogs can let themselves in. He can pretend to be surly all he wants, but no one at Oaks at Hampton believes it. We love him!

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