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Meet Our Resident, Martha | Oaks at Hampton

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Born in Bowling Green, Florida, resident Martha is the youngest of four children. Her father was a farmer who grew vegetables. Growing up, they moved around various places. Martha called her dad a “Stroke of the Night” kind of guy. Martha’s father joined the Navy when she was a child. While he served in the Navy, he received his barber's license, and once her father left the Navy, he worked as a barber.

Martha’s oldest sister mostly raised her from the time she was an infant to a young child and referred to Martha as her “living doll.” Martha’s mother worked for Publix in the second store opened by George Jenkins, the founder of Publix grocery stores. She worked there until she retired.

Martha met her husband Gibby in high school but never gave him the time of day until they were at the summer swimming hole. Gibby acted like a total gentleman and eventually won Martha’s heart. She graduated high school in 1958 and married Gibby that same year in November.

Gibby was a Mechanical Designer who traveled all over the world starting up new companies. Gibby and Martha had three boys together. Martha and her husband had this deal, Martha would raise the kids until they turned 16 and had a driver’s license. After the kids had turned 16, they became Gibby’s responsibility.

Throughout their lives together, Martha and Gibby lived on a chicken farm. The chicken farm would later be Martha’s full-time job while Gibby was off traveling for business. Martha and her boys would walk down the aisles of the chicken house while one of the boys would push the cart and the other two boys would pick up the eggs and put them in the flats. Martha and Gibby had a total of 36,000 chickens! They were in the chicken business for 11 years before they sold their farm in Florida. They moved to Commerce, Georgia and bought a boiler farm.
A boiler farm is a chicken farm where the chickens are used for food, not just for their eggs. They did not stay long at the boiler farm because of conflict with the previous owners.

From there, Martha and Gibby moved to Franklin, North Carolina and moved into her parent’s summer cabin. There was no insulation in the cabin, and you could see in and out of the cabin. To try to keep the cabin warm, Gibby wrapped the house in Visqueen, which is a wrap that they use in chicken houses. The cabin only had a radio and a small heater. They were definitely “roughing it” for a while.

Martha and Gibby’s final move was to Cumming, Georgia. They again bought a chicken farm. All three of her boys built houses on the land and they enjoyed living near each other.

Oaks at Hampton is a perfect fit for extremely social Martha. She jumped right into the activities and outings and made friends her first day. Everyone loves Martha!!

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