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Setting the Record Straight: Myths About Assisted Living Debunked

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There is a stigma around senior living. A common belief is that assisted living communities are stale and have an institutionalized feel. While this idea of senior care may have been true in the past, assisted living and senior living communities have modernized and evolved over the last few decades.

Assisted living communities, like Oaks Senior Living throughout Georgia, are vibrant, warm communities where individuals can lead active, fulfilling lifestyles. Our team is setting the record straight once and for all and debunking the myths surrounding assisted living.

A Look into What Assisted Living Used to Be

As recent as the mid-1970s, assisted living was not an option for aging adults. Back then, individuals had essentially two options: either stay at home and rely on a family member to provide assistance or hire an in-home nurse, or move into a nursing home.

Because her mother needed some support but did not require the constant medical care that a nursing home provides, Dr. Keren Brown Wilson created the idea that led to assisted living today. She wanted to create an option for seniors that provided care and support, allowed individuals to maintain their privacy, and encouraged independence. As a result, the first assisted living community opened its doors in 1981, and the idea of assisted living has progressed even further since then.

Myth 1: Senior Living Communities Feel Cold and Institutionalized

Too often, senior living is compared to a hospital-like environment where individuals are considered patients. The reality is that assisted living communities in Georgia and across the United States create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. While some aim to be quaint and comfortable, others offer luxurious amenities and resort-style living. Individuals are not patients but residents and community members who add character and vibrancy to these neighborhoods.

Oaks Senior Living cultivates an environment in each of our communities that residents are proud to call home. Our communities offer water features, courtyards, and common areas that encourage engagement and promote wellness.

Myth 2: Assisted Living Leads to a Loss of Independence

The myth that assisted living leads to a loss of independence could not be more untrue, especially in Oaks Senior Living communities. Our assisted living care and support services are divided into tiers, enabling individuals to receive the right amount of care for their needs and remain independent in as many areas as possible.

Additionally, individuals living in assisted living communities have more freedom and time to do the things they enjoy. Because we take care of home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning tasks, residents in our communities are free to enjoy a full, active lifestyle. 

Myth 3: It is Too Expensive to Move into a Senior Living Community

It is easy to assume that senior living services are expensive; however, many do not consider everything included in this price. When you see the monthly rate for assisted living services, keep in mind that this rate includes your rent, utilities, home maintenance, meal options, care, and access to amenities.

If you were to make an itemized list of all your current expenses, you may be surprised to find out that transitioning into an Oaks Senior Living community could actually be more cost-effective. Download our free Cost Comparison Guide to calculate your current cost of living and compare it to life at one of our communities. 

Myth 4: Senior Living Means Giving Up My Privacy

Today’s assisted living communities are designed to give residents their own space. 

We understand the importance of privacy and do everything we can to respect that in our communities. Offering various floor plans to choose from, Oaks Senior Living has designed assisted living communities that ensure residents receive the care they need while maintaining their privacy and dignity. Additionally, we encourage individuals to personalize their apartments and bring in the elements that make it feel like their home.

To find the right community for you and learn more about the care and services we provide at our assisted living communities throughout Georgia, contact a member of our team or visit our website.

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