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Overcoming Concerns About Moving to Senior Living

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

Change is how we grow. Putting ourselves into new and unfamiliar situations helps us to become the people we are and experience life in a different way. Some changes even help us improve our quality of life and make us happier. 

While change and growth are good, these big changes can understandably come with hesitations and fears. The key is to find ways to overcome this fear, allowing you to experience these life transitions in a positive way. 

When you have decided to transition into senior living, you may be experiencing anxiety and concerns about your upcoming move. This is normal. Oaks Senior Living understands that moving into a senior living community is a significant step. As an assisted living and memory care provider in Georgia, we work with individuals and families through every step of the transition process. 

Discover tips on how to overcome your concerns and embrace everything senior living! 

Tips for Embracing Senior Living

Familiarize Yourself with Your New Environment

Many of us often fear the unknown. That is why senior living communities, like Oaks Senior Living, encourage individuals to get to know their environment before moving in. When you visit your new neighborhood, you can familiarize yourself with the layout, meet and form relationships with the caregivers and other team members, and start to connect with other residents. It can help you feel comfortable and more at home when the time comes for you to make the transition.

Learn the Truth Behind Senior Living Misconceptions

Many of your fears about senior living may be misguided. Despite the quality care and benefits they offer, there are stigmas still associated with senior living communities. Learning the truth behind these misconceptions can help you overcome concerns.

Misconception #1: I will lose my independence.

Many individuals believe that senior living communities inhibit a person’s ability to be independent, but this is not true. Oaks Senior Living’s assisted living and memory care communities in Georgia foster independence through person-centered care and support. 

By taking care of home maintenance and housekeeping and delivering the right level of assistance with daily tasks, we enable residents to continue to pursue their interests and give them more free time to participate in the activities that they love.

Misconception #2: Lack of control.

Like the loss of independence, many believe that senior living communities aim to be overly structured and impede on personal choice and privacy. In reality, these communities encourage residents to take control of their lives. 

Oaks Senior Living’s person-centered philosophy focuses on the individual; their preferences, wants, and goals. Through our dining, Life Enrichment programs, and community amenities, we provide opportunities for residents to design their days and enhance their quality of life. 

Misconception #3: I will be forgotten.

Moving to senior living does not mean losing your current lifestyle. Residents can connect with family, friends, and neighbors throughout the community. Through compassionate, person-centered care and the variety of activities and events that we offer, Oaks Senior Living residents form meaningful relationships and have the opportunity for engagement every day.

Learn How to Manage Feelings of Stress & Anxiety

Focus on the Positive Changes

Too often, we highlight the negative, which is especially true when people think about senior living. “Research has found that positive thinking can aid in stress management and even plays an important role in overall health and well-being (medium.com).”

We encourage you to focus on the positive aspects of transitioning to a senior living community! 

  • Instead of focusing on the fact that you are moving out of your house, think about all the free time you will have to do other activities now that you don’t have to worry about lawn maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.
  • Instead of worrying that it’ll be “boring,” realize that senior living communities offer programs and activities that promote health, wellness, and engagement. 
  • Instead of thinking, “I won’t know anybody,” focus on the new people and relationships you can build. 

We all may have concerns about the unknown and significant changes in our lives. The key to overcoming these fears is to take it one step at a time. To learn more about the assisted living and memory care services we offer in Georgia, we invite you to contact a member of the Oaks Senior Living team or visit our website.

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