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reasons to pay for respite care

Reasons to Pay for Respite Care

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To care for a loved one is a beautiful and empowering thing to do. Those individuals who can make time to be a caregiver are some of the most reliable people. However, it can also be time-consuming and at times a bit of a challenge. For some caregivers, it can be even more of a problem to admit when they need to take a short break. Unfortunately, according to the Commonwealth Fund 60% of caregivers surveyed are shown to have reduced health or a chronic medical condition, as compared to 33% of individuals who were not caregivers. This statistic highlights the usefulness of respite care and why it is very much worth consideration.

The word respite means to rest, and that is precisely what this type of care is designed to accomplish. Respite care is a time-limited service which caregivers and families can utilize for the very purpose of receiving rest. This kind of care places your loved one under the supervision of skilled professionals whose sole purpose is to be attentive and help those in their care. The time-frame varies on caregiver needs; it generally ranges from a week to a month-long stay. This care functions as a comfortable supervised stay for individuals who need more assistance. Respite care can also vary from out-of-home, in-home, to other options such as group respite care. 

If you are a caregiver and you do not have poor health or a chronic ailment you may be asking yourself, “why would I need or want to pay for this service?” There are numerous health and mental benefits that you can gain from utilizing respite care. It can relieve stress, prevent social isolation, provide new perspectives and purposes, and countless other positive rewards.   

Relieves Stress 

Respite care can relieve stress in numerous ways. It allows you to do what you love and take your mind off of strenuous activities. Juggling your needs, your family’s needs, and the extra attention to a loved one you are caring for can become overwhelming. Allowing yourself a break to detox and clear your mind can prove to be helpful. It is also essential for sociability, for you to have a chance to socialize with friends and for the one in your care to socialize with others, as well. Allowing yourself some distance even if just a block away can improve your patience and provide new appreciation.

New Perspective and Purpose

When you and your loved one spend time apart, it helps put things in perspective. The constant tasks that become a part of daily life may cause you to lose appreciation and in some cases, begin to take advantage of the help your given or forget just why you're providing support in the first place. It is essential to take a break from these tasks to remind you precisely why you do them. Another advantageous point of respite care is receiving a new perspective from another caregiver. The medical field is always developing and changing and getting another’s point of view or seeing the way they may administer a specific task can help improve your skills. No matter how close you are to your loved one, the day after day interactions can put stress on a relationship. Respite care provides you with a chance to take a break and regain a renewed sense of purpose.

Paying for Respite Care

There are numerous benefits to paying for respite care. It is more cost-efficient than other caring options, such as expensive hospital stays. The respite care services provided can also be personally tailored to individuals and their specific needs. Respite care can give the family members of a loved one being cared for a fresh take on all the attentive work being done. When you take the time and utilize respite care it will make you healthier, it can allow you to visit other loved ones, or just run errands, and you can become a better caregiver by being refreshed in who you are. 

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