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Mar 01
redefining retirement

How Seniors Are Redefining Retirement

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

For years, the baby boomer generation has resisted aging. Now the oldest of that generation is turning 78 with the youngest crossing the milestone of 50-years-old and fast approaching retirement. This generation has bucked traditions of the past, refusing to consider the regimented assisted living communities or nursing homes where they visited their parents and grandparents. While they still may be a few years or even decades from needing care, they are forcing a shift in the senior living industry to keep up with their redefinition of retirement.

Innovative senior living providers like Oaks Senior Living are meeting this challenge head on – creating communities that fit the ever-evolving expectations of the baby boomer generation. Gone are the days of a retirement community filled with aging adults sitting in rocking chairs or sterile white-washed walls and hospital-like rooms. Now communities are vibrant, full of activities, and offer stylish suites and apartments. These communities promote residents to stay active, learn new things, develop relationships and have fun.

Above all else, the aging generation desires to be part of a community that shares common values, interests, and resources. People want to seek out a senior living community that understands and honors their desires to remain as young and independent as possible. They aren’t dreading the advance of age, but instead meeting it with increased energy. Baby boomers are looking to stay involved and connected, refusing to quietly slip away as they age. To meet this demand, communities are looking for unique and appealing ways to help residents stay socially, intellectually, and physically active.

At Oaks Senior Living, many residents continue to drive, some hold part-time jobs, while others lead various clubs or social groups within the community. We also work to incorporate residents’ interests into new and exciting activities every month. Our Lifestyle Directors seek to learn, understand and honor the life history and personal preferences of each individual. We are committed to changing the way people age. Each day is an opportunity for growth, to enjoy what has always brought happiness, and an allowance of new life experiences.

Oaks Senior Living "Family" culture centers around knowing, understanding and honoring our residents’ life-history and preferences while building relationships and enabling purposeful living. If you’d like more information about life at an Oaks Senior Living community, please contact us to schedule a visit.

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