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Utilizing Respite Care as a Trial Stay for Assisted Living

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Respite care is a service that can offer many benefits to individuals and families. For a family caregiver, respite care can provide a short-term break from their caregiving responsibilities while having peace of mind knowing that their family member is receiving the necessary care and attention.

However, for someone considering a senior living community for themselves, respite care is a great way to socialize, meet new people, and participate in engaging activities. These services allow an individual to stay in a community and experience what daily life would be like before he or she makes a long-term commitment.


At Oaks Senior Living, with assisted living communities throughout Georgia, our respite care services allow individuals to experience the same lifestyle, benefits, and amenities as those who live with us full-time. We have gathered a list of ways that respite care at Oaks Senior Living immerses every individual into the lifestyle of our communities, and why we encourage you to use these services as a trial for an assisted living community!

Staying On-Site

When moving to any new home, you wouldn’t decide to move in without at least looking at the residence first. A senior living community is no different, but here you can go one step further.

The advantage of many senior living communities is that, through their respite care services, you are able to stay in a room or apartment similar to the one in which you would be living. You can get a feel for the space and decide if the layout makes you feel comfortable and suits your needs.

Meeting Other Residents

Reading community and neighborhood reviews is always a helpful tool, but actually having conversations with individuals who live in the community is even more powerful. It allows you to hear honest opinions of the lifestyle and atmosphere that a specific community provides. When you stay in a community, even for a short amount of time, you are able to engage with full-time residents, experience day-to-day living, and get an honest feel for the community.

In addition, you may form new friendships before you move! When you move into a new environment, feelings of uncertainty about not knowing anyone are common. Having a chance to meet and bond with individuals who live there can help to alleviate these nerves. Respite care services allow you to experience the people in a community in a way that is not possible through a short, guided tour.

Receiving Care

A significant consideration when choosing an assisted living community is the quality of care you will receive.

  • Are the caregivers attentive?
  • Will I get along with the care team?
  • Will I get the proper amount of care?

Since your health needs and circumstances are unique to you, the services you receive during your respite care stay will be similar to what you will receive should you choose to transition into the community full-time. You can form personal relationships with the caregivers and truly experience what the care would be like on a daily basis.

Participating in Activities

Everyone has unique hobbies and interests, and assisted living communities do their best to provide activities and events that cater to a wide variety of these interests. During your respite care stay, you are able to engage in any and all activities that the community offers. Depending on your stay, these could include holiday parties, educational events, physical fitness classes, or outdoor activities. Participation in these activities allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the environment and find individuals who share similar interests.

At Oaks Senior Living, we are proud to offer respite care services to individuals who wish to take one of our communities for a “test drive.” No matter the length of their stay, each individual who stays with us will receive the same quality care and access to amenities that every resident enjoys on a daily basis. Experience life at Oaks Senior Living firsthand and see why individuals choose to call us home.

Contact us for more information regarding our respite care services or to find an assisted living community that is right for you!

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