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Respite Care: Providing Short-Term Relief

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Providing care for a loved one is a rewarding and joyful experience because it allows you to bond and cherish quality time together. However, as older adults age, it’s common for them to experience hardships and require additional assistance, which can begin to put a drain on primary caregivers.

Frequently, caregiving can be a very demanding job; forced to juggle several tasks at once, which can cause caregiver burnout. Oaks Senior Living understands the risks of caregiver burnout, which is why we are happy to inform our readers about the option for respite care. Respite care is not only a unique service that provides exceptional care to your loved one, but it also offers a temporary break for your loved one’s caregiver.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short-term care program that provides temporary support to an older adult while a primary caregiver is unavailable. It’s common for respite care programs to allow seniors to stay anywhere from one day to up to three or four weeks at a time to provide additional convenience to caregivers utilizing the program. Whether a loved one’s caregiver is going on vacation or may simply need a break, respite care can help provide some relief.

Although respite care programs are not intended to be permanent, they provide seniors with the opportunity to experience a senior living community and learn what they have to offer. Typically, many people compare respite care programs to hotel stays, with some additional assistance provided. Senior living communities provide a variety of other services that seniors enjoy such as housekeeping, dining plans, transportation, and much more!

A Supportive Experience

While many people think about the benefits for caregivers, respite care also has a series of appealing aspects that seniors love. Many senior living communities allow those in their respite care program to participate in the same activities that residents do, which also provides them a sense of inclusion and comfort. Aside from the appealing amenities and services, senior living communities also help to provide a support network for your loved one to make friends, build relationships, and improve quality of life.

Oaks Senior Living Respite Care Options

The professional staff at senior living communities are trained to provide proper care to seniors while enhancing their stay. They will spend time with your loved one, build a relationship of trust, and work to empower them during their visit.

Senior living communities also offer a variety of services to respite care guests which may include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Dining Plans
  • Engaging Activities
  • Social Gatherings
  • Excursions

We recommend that you contact a respite care community in your area and inquire about which services and amenities are available to seniors who participate in short-term care programs.


While respite care programs are not permanent solutions, senior living communities typically offer other services, such as assisted living or memory care, that are intended for full-time residents, rather than temporary guests. While your loved one enjoys the benefits that respite care has to offer, they’re also able to learn about the community and get more information about the other programs that they offer.

Do you still have questions about respite care services? Let Oaks Senior help you and your loved one explore a variety of senior living options. Contact our team and learn more about respite care today!

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