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Senior Living Trends in 2019

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As 2019 advances, so does new technology for senior living communities. Advancements from 2018 will become more widely utilized, with seniors ultimately benefiting. Whether these advancements take the form of advanced emergency care pendants or new cognitive development activities, this next year looks promising for improving the health of the older population!

Alzheimer’s Association Research

One of the most notable moments from last year for memory care, was when the “The U.S. Senate voted … to approve a $425 million increase for Alzheimer’s and dementia research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the 2019 fiscal year.” With this increase in funding more research, medicine, and therapy can be conducted bringing us closer to the cure.


Wearable Tech

Every year, new technology brings the life expectancy rates higher and higher. Within recent years we have seen the emergence of wearable technologies and this year it will be even more prominent in senior living. With seniors and older adults utilizing various forms of wearable tech, they can ensure a longer, safer quality of life. According to David Kho, there are three main reasons for wearables making a difference in senior care.

  1. Improved Medical Research: By ensuring proper HIPPA conduct and other protective controls are being followed for patient safety, aggregated data collected from various wearables will be able to evolve the way medical research is performed. There will be more accurate, more abundant, more readily available data for new trials in medicine.
  1. Early Detection: With wearables, the user will have early warning signs of a serious, impending medical issue. Before it is too late, patients will be notified and able to take early preventative action. Certain devices such as an implantable cardiac monitoring device can warn of irregular heartbeats or signs of an imminent heart attack. Other ways wearables can help detect a medical issue early on are by monitoring sleep patterns, changes in physical activity, temperature, etc.
  1. Empower Patients: With immediate results and data, the user will have more knowledge to make healthier life decisions. By providing information immediately towards the user of caloric intake, calories burned, heart rate, and other biofeedback, in real time, it will motivate users to make healthier choices.


Alexa-Based Programs

“Hey Alexa, can you call grandma for me?”

“What about help grandma for me?” 

Recent developments from Sodexo, “a company committed to improving Quality of Life, is now offering a new "Smart Living" program for senior living residents to easily engage within their community and in the community at large by simply using their voices.” With new developments in smart programming, more senior living communities will be able to implement these programs into helping seniors get real-time information by simply asking. Senior living community residents can know what is for breakfast, what activities are planned for the day, and if they have any visitors coming. Perhaps in the near future, smart programming will be able to interact with memory impaired seniors through cognitive development activities and exercises.


New Technology at Oaks Senior Living

Oaks Senior Living is proud to partner with technologically advanced companies who aim to better the lives of seniors every day. Some of our partners that help to implement new technology are: Oaks Senior Living Senior Living Trends 2019 Blog

  • Dakim Brain Fitness which provides cognitive development activities through a brain fitness program to improve memory and keep brains sharp.
  • Accushield which utilizes digital scanning technology to verify that service providers and third-party vendors have permission and clearance to enter the community.
  • Silversphere which provides leading-edge technology for emergency call solutions, ensuring residents have the means to request assistance and staff have the ability to respond quickly.

As new technology and medical advancements develop, Oaks Senior Living aims to implement and provide top-quality, engaging, and secure senior service throughout our communities.

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