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Apr 15
spring break activities

Spring Break Activities for the Whole Family

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

The sound of birds chirping, warm sunshine, and a fresh breeze is the beginning of spring in the south. The grass is getting greener, hummingbirds are looking for their strength in nectar, and gardens are getting prepped. Families begin their outside adventures with a picnic for lunch while others head out for vacation to the beach or the mountains. The beauty of flowering buds on trees and the smell of food on the grill gets everyone excited. There are so many enjoyable spring break activities to do with your loved ones in the Spring. Here at Oaks Senior Living we know just how perfect the weather can be and it is important to spend that time with family.

Bring the Family Together

For spring break, take the kids to see their grandparents, giving a young spirit to the air. Bringing generations together is not only good for seniors, but it also shows children a new side to life; a side that encompasses stories out playing when their grandparent was young, what it was like with no television, or cell phones. It also teaches communication such as listening, which can be hard for some depending on the health of their grandparent. It teaches patience, improved body language, and strengthening social skills through fellowship. Not only does this promote social wellness but emotional wellness, which is good for all of us. 

Green Thumbs

Another exciting spring activity to do with your older parent is to plant a garden. A garden is or was part of life for many of our elderly residents. In the first half of the 1900s, rural America supported many families in the south. It was their jobs; it was their way of life. These memories can be very beneficial for residents with memory deficiencies. However, it is essential to keep purpose and engagement in all activities, for all residents. If your older parent is in a smaller senior living community, you need to make use of your space as best as you can. An herb garden is perfect for smaller areas, raised beds are ideal for reducing the risk of falls, and maintaining these gardens ensure future purpose as they now have a job to do each day. You can find community gardens in an abundance of our communities.

spring break activities oaks

A Little Birdy Told Me

Bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and bird baths can be simple additions to outside areas that will keep communities active as well. Promoting bird watching, identifying different types of birds, and mimicking specific bird sounds can bring some fun for everyone. You and your older parent can also take on the craft of building or decorating birdhouses together with the grandkids. Outdoor arts and crafts are another great opportunity to have some fun and enjoy the fresh air with your family. 

If someone isn't up for nature, maybe the pollen is bad, or the weather isn't cooperating, you will need to keep the spring break activities indoors. Movies, devotions, sing-a-longs, or name that tune can all be fun activities, even for family visiting. However, you spend your springtime, just do it together! Be sure to plan a visit with your loved ones and if your parents are considering transitioning into senior living, download our eBook for 6 ways to ease that transition!

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