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The Importance of Group Support for Alzheimer Caregivers

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Senior assisted living is a residential option for seniors who need help with some daily activities like traveling to appointments, cooking meals and maintaining the house. The decision to place your mother or father (or any relative or a loved one) into an assisted living facility is one of the toughest anyone can ever be asked to make. Senior assisted living can provide an array of personal care services to help lighten the load of a caregiver, Many communities help hem perform their day-to-day activities and also provide medical care. Alzheimer’s disease is common in people who are of the age 65 and above. The symptoms associated with the disease are: increased forgetfulness, confusion, loss of memory, declining ability to read and write, difficulty in concentrating and thinking, bad judgement and reasoning, the routine works may become a struggle and experiencing changes in personality and behavior. It becomes hard for patients and at times they are depressed and they tend to withdraw from the public. This may cause the care givers to go for support groups for help. Seniors assisted living comes in handy.

These facilities help to give the relatives relieve and comfort knowing that the seniors are safe, with somebody to look out for them in the mornings and evenings as well as people to enjoy the day with. There are several benefits associated with senior assisted living:

  • Freedom. In most cases the residents who live within the assisted living communities will realize that they're experiencing more freedom than when they were living in their own homes. On relocating into an assisted living community some of the things do change, daily chores, the housework, doing the bills and food preparation are a thing of the past. This eases the difficulty that the patients would be going through if they were at home. One can now go anywhere and whenever they desire utilizing the provided transportation. A lot of occupants still drive and are welcome to come and go as they wish. Finally, if he or she have been looking after another elderly individual at home such as a husband or wife, brother, or relative, the care is now taken over by the personnel in the assisted living community.
  • Privacy. Most of aging adults are worried about their personal privacy within a communal living environment in these facilities filled with unrelated people. Most assisted living communities are designed in such a way that they allow for utmost privacy for their occupants while also at the same time promoting a warm and friendly social atmosphere. Most communities have large dining rooms, and great rooms for mingling and for activities. However, occupants who are in search of solitude can certainly find it in the privacy of their personal suite or apartment. Some assisted living communities allow for 2 occupants to a suite, while some offer only private rooms.
  • A variety of activities available. In these facilities, many activities are available. However, the activities are always voluntary and no one is compelled to do anything they don't want to do. More so, many people discover that even if they don't want to do an activity, they really like the companionship of the other people.
  • It is affordable. Assisted living communities come in many price which range from approximately $2,500 to $6,000 per month. This depends on the care the occupant needs and also the care they need. An assisted living community may actually cost less when considering the basic expenses that are associated with owning a personal residence. Staying in one's home can be more expensive due to some given factors like property taxes, household goods, routine maintenance and other utilities.
  • Available different foods. There could be a variety of meal services available from community to community. It is important and advisable to look for the appropriate match that will suit you and your loved ones appetite and dietary habits. Before making the final decision concerning which facility to settle for, you should stop by at meal times, try the food, and observe the quality of the mealtime experience.
  • Allows visitors. There is no strict rules that prohibit visitors. Nearly all assisted living communities provide an open door policy that enables guest visitation whenever you want. An assisted living community is a "home" for the occupant and ought to be treated as such. Visitors may visit virtually any time and can typically stay for as long as they wish. In most cases, friends are often encouraged to participate in the activities that are offered. A number of assisted living communities even allow residents to arrange for transportation to visit their friends and families.

All these factors make the occupants stay at the facility worthwhile ensuring that they are comfortable and enjoying their remaining part of their lives.


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