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Jan 15
Denise with Resident_Oaks

How Respite Care Can Benefit Caregivers

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 8 minute read

Caring for a loved one is extremely gratifying and fulfilling, but it can also be mentally and physically draining. Millions of Americans will undertake the responsibilities of informal caregiving this year alone. With the trend growing, Oaks Senior Living wants to ensure family caregivers know their options.

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Jun 15
Oaks Senior Living Respite Care

Respite Care: Providing Short-Term Relief

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

Providing care for a loved one is a rewarding and joyful experience because it allows you to bond and cherish quality time together. However, as older adults age, it’s common for them to experience hardships and require additional assistance, which can begin to put a drain on primary caregivers.

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Feb 01
reasons to pay for respite care

Reasons to Pay for Respite Care

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 3 minute read

To care for a loved one is a beautiful and empowering thing to do. Those individuals who can make time to be a caregiver are some of the most reliable people. However, it can also be time-consuming and at times a bit of a challenge. For some caregivers, it can be even more of a problem to admit when they need to take a short break. Unfortunately, according to the Commonwealth Fund 60% of caregivers surveyed are shown to have reduced health or a chronic medical condition, as compared to 33% of individuals who were not caregivers. This statistic highlights the usefulness of respite care and why it is very much worth consideration.

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Nov 03

The Advantages of Participating in an Adult Day Program

Posted by allbizweb adminsupport | 3 minute read

A lot of effort is being put when it comes to the health care of our elderly or adults needing special care in our society; this form of care is mainly expressed in form of love and medication which is quite essential in ensuring a healthy life style among these people. The easiest way to achieve this is through an adult day program which provides all these qualities efficiently at of course a fee.

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