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Jul 29

You Only Need 3 Minutes to Understand Alzheimer's Disease

Posted by allbizweb adminsupport | 2 minute read

Understand Alzheimer s DiseaseTo better understand Alzheimer's my only wish is that I’d seen this video a long time ago. It really helped in only 3 Minutes to understand Alzheimer's Disease and finally know what’s going on.

This simple, straightforward animated video explains Alzheimer’s disease in lucid, easy-to-follow terms to help you understand Alzheimer's and it's debilitating effects.

The video describes the progression of Alzheimer's Disease—how it damages the brain and how it affects behavior—in a simple, clear way that anybody can understand. Every family caregiver should watch this to better understand what is happening with their loved one.



Resources to Help Guide & Understand Alzheimer's Disease


Partnering With Your Doctor: A Guide for Persons with Memory Problems and Their Caregivers (20 pages)
This 18-page booklet offers guidelines and tips on getting a proper diagnosis, working with your doctor to get the best care and suggestions for follow-up visits. This booklet is used as part of the workshop.

Care Log (2 pages)
The care log is a joint project between the caregiver and patient. Both can record information in the log. Keep it handy and use it to keep track of things that happen between doctor visits.

Medication Log (2 pages)
Use the medication log to help keep yourself organized and to keep the doctor(s) informed. It can help you remember the dosage, possible side effects, and any special instructions.

Appointment Log (2 pages)
An appointment log can help you before, during and after a doctor visit. Doctors also appreciate that you have planned for the appointment.

Web sites

My Personal Health Record
This site is a guide to understanding and maintaining personal health information in your medical record. Health care professionals use this record to help provide you appropriate and quality health care.

HIPAA and health information privacy
U.S. government site featuring informative fact sheets about the Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and your health information privacy rights.

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