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Apr 16
Vivian Oaks Resident Highlight

Meet Vivian | Oaks at Hampton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living

Meet Vivian, the April resident of the month for the Oaks at Hampton. Vivian was born on June 5, 1919, in Cherokee County, Georgia. Yes. 1919. Vivian will turn 99 this year, and you would never know it! She is as smart as a whip and although slower in step, she still takes her daily walk every morning.

Growing up, Vivian’s mother was strict, and she taught her children to be independent. Her father was a great teacher and rewarded her for learning to drive. She and her siblings used to have to walk 2 miles every day to school. Being from a large family; there were a lot of chores to do when they weren’t attending school, so they were always moving.

Vivian was a nurse during World War ll and did four nursing study tours. She later traveled to foreign countries with Red Cross doing mission work as a nurse. One of the greatest inventions that has come along in her lifetime is antibiotics. Vivian loved the medical field and recalls her time spend there often. 

After the war, Vivian met and married her husband. They had two children both of whom live close by and visit often. Vivian and her husband traveled a lot throughout their lives together. Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) was one of her favorite places to see. Also, she and her husband traveled cross-country to see the United States in their motorhome. They were also very involved in their church; John’s Creek Baptist Church. Her church family stays in touch with her to this day.

Today Vivian enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching TV, Bingo and going to church here at The Oaks at Hampton. Her advice to future generations is to,

 “Be serious about your appearance and focus on what you want to do in life.”

 Vivian Gay is an inspiration to all who know her and meet her. We are so happy she is part of our Oaks family! To stay up to date on all resident spotlights, subscribe to our blog today!

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