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Oct 24
Oaks at Hampton_Resident Highlight_Vivan

Meet Resident Vivian | Oaks at Hampton

Posted by Oaks Senior Living | 2 minute read

Meet Vivian, the October Resident of the Month for Oaks at Hampton! Vivian was selected as our Resident of the Month in April 2018, and we are so proud to feature her again!

Vivian was born on June 5, 1919, in Cherokee County, Georgia. Yes, 1919. That makes her 100 years old, and she is still smart as a whip! 

Vivian was raised in what was then the Camp Gordon Atlanta airport area where she had a very good childhood. Her parents had three boys, two of whom passed during childhood, and seven girls. Vivian was especially close to her brother Hollis (Holly), who was ten years older than her. Vivian’s father was a builder; they lived in the officer’s quarters because her father oversaw the barracks buildings. 

Vivian_Oaks at HamptonShe and her husband dated through high school. He was her next-door neighbor, and they got married when she was only 17 years old, and he was 19 years old. They stayed in the airport area, where he was the Motor Pool Supervisor at the Military Hospital. He then worked as the head mechanic of the vehicle department of the Federal Prison; he worked for the government until he retired. Vivian volunteered at the daycare center of the Military Hospital. She was sent to Crawford Long so she could become a nursing assistant. Vivian worked with a doctor who taught her everything she needed to get her LPN. She then went on to get her RN and was the first nurse hired at Northside Hospital when it opened!

Vivian and her husband had two children - Joanne and Dallas. She said her children couldn’t be more different and they are opposite in every way! They had a beautiful home on 27 acres which they loved. Vivian and her husband traveled across the country in their motorhome and traveled internationally, including to the Soviet Union. She went on several mission trips with their church, where she vaccinated children in developing countries. Vivian and her husband were very involved with their church, First Baptist of Chamblee, which later became John’s Creek Baptist. Vivian has been a member for 80 years!

Vivian’s husband was sick a lot and passed away 36 years ago when Vivian was 64 years old. She worked for another 18 months after he passed, but she didn’t enjoy living on the large property by herself, so she moved to a condo in the Chamblee area. She lived there until she moved into the Oaks at Hampton five and a half years ago. Vivian celebrated her 100th birthday this past June and is blessed to have had five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren!

Updated: October 23, 2019

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