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Oct 12

When to Consider Assisted Living

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There comes a time when to consider assisted living and many people resist the idea of moving to an assisted living facility because it feels like a loss of independence. However, there are many levels of assisted living. We have ten reasons why it may be worth considering.

Whether you are completely independent but no longer want to worry about home maintenance and housework, you need assistance with personal care, or you just want to be around people your own age, assisted living is worth thinking about. Our residences provide the best aspects of senior living in Georgia. Following are ten important reasons to consider assisted living at The Oaks. If one or more of these apply to your situation, you could actually live a fuller, happier, more stress-free life in an assisted living community.

1. You Are No Longer Able to Drive, and Need Transportation to Shopping and Doctors’ Appointments.

We provide scheduled transportation to local stores and banks. We also have many on-site services, such as barber and beauty shops. Our Post Road community for assisted living in Cumming, Ga. has a theatre room for movie nights and sporting events, as well as a chapel for weekly services. We also provide meals and laundry service. As for healthcare needs, our communities are near medical facilities, and we offer dentist and podiatrist services on-site.

2. Climbing the Stairs is Becoming More Difficult and Dangerous.

Your two-story home may have been great when you were raising a family, but for many seniors, climbing up the stairs can be difficult or impossible. They also present a real safety hazard. Just one missed step can result in a bad fall and serious injury. Our private apartments are different sizes, but one level.

3. You Have Health Issues Such as Diabetes, Blindness, Arthritis, Heart or Lung Disease, or Alzheimer’s Disease.

We provide a variety of assistance with healthcare needs, including medical supervision and reminders, and regular monitoring for general health and well-being with quarterly reports to your family if requested. Our communities have a physical, occupational, and speech therapy room staffed by professionals.

4. Outside Maintenance of Your Home is Becoming Difficult and Time Consuming.

In our communities, residents can enjoy the beautiful foliage and flowers of Georgia without having to do landscaping maintenance or other home improvement chores, relying on family members to do them, or having to hire someone.

5. Being the Primary Caregiver for Your Spouse is Affecting Your Own Health.

Elderly men and women who care for a spouse that has been hospitalized for a serious illness or are suffering from a psychiatric disorder or dementia are at an increased risk of dying prematurely themselves. The chance of a heart attack doubles for people caring for a sick spouse. Moving to an assisted living facility with professionals on staff to handle the care can vastly improve the quality of life for both spouses.

6. You Live Alone, and Need Someone to Assist You With Everyday Activities Such as Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Cleaning, and Laundry.

At The Oaks, we offer assistance with all of these personal care needs, as well as household care. All of our tiered levels of care include basic housekeeping services like daily spot cleaning and trash removal, and a complete weekly room cleaning and linen change. Our higher-tier levels provide assistance with dressing, grooming, going to the bathroom, and bathing.

7. Your Adult Children Live Out of Town, and Are Concerned About Your Well-Being and Safety.

One of the biggest advantages of assisted living is peace of mind for loved ones, who can rest assured that you are safe. All of our residents have access to a 24-hour emergency call system, with staff always available to assist if you fall or have any other immediate need.

8. You Sometimes Forget Whether You Took Your Medications or if You Took Them Correctly.

Forgetting to take medications or taking too many pills can have dire health consequences. Our staff can help you organize your medications and maintain your dosing schedule, providing reminders and other supervision to ensure that your medications are administered properly.

9. You Feel Lonely and Depressed, and Would Like the Opportunity to Socialize With Your Peers.

As people lose friends and loved ones and become less mobile, it is easy to become increasingly isolated, sedentary, and depressed. That is why socialization is a key aspect of assisted living. Most people enjoy interacting with others who share memories, experiences, and interests. We provide a wide variety of social, educational, spiritual and recreational programs for our residents. Senior living in Atlanta, Ga. means access to a wide variety of activities outside the residential community as well. We also have daily planned activities, including exercise classes for people of all physical abilities.

10. Meal Preparation is Becoming More Difficult, and You Are Not Getting the Proper Nutrition.

When people are suddenly alone or find it increasingly difficult to get to the grocery store, their diet is likely to suffer. This can be a problem particularly for men after the loss of a spouse. Many had no idea how much work went into meal preparation (or housekeeping). At The Oaks, you never have to cook again. We provide three nutritious meals and two snacks daily, and you do not have to eat alone. For many residents, mealtimes once again become enjoyable because they are shared with friends.

Our Horizons Memory Care community offers the most personalized memory care in Atlanta ‒ actually in the state of Georgia. Our care plans are tailored to each person’s needs. Horizons provides a beautiful, safe environment where residents are encouraged to continue normal activities to the best of their abilities.

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